"Nurture Immunity have put a lot more work into re-branding themselves. The website is great, they’ve introduced a mascot called Firsty, more interactive on social media and created a drink that not only contains 7 key vitamins but also incorporate Wellmune Technology to support children’s immunity."

"We liked the story behind Nurture and were pleased to offer more choice to parents travelling with their children onboard. This is an innovative company that is trying to help parents provide healthy choices for their children, which is exactly what many parents travelling on easyJet are looking for!"

"The easiest way to give your little one the equivalent of a multi-vitamin tailored to their specific needs. You can definitely tell parents came up with this product."

"I’d happily pick Nurture over other drinks for its immunity benefits. Innovative and useful, not to mention delicious and popular! In this instance you get what you pay for!"